Is Agile always best?

I’m going to say something here that you don’t hear that much in an agile environment.

Sometimes, Waterfall is the best choice for a product.

There I’ve said it, I guess I need to hang up my gloves as an Agile Evangelist.

Or do I? Why is what I have said so wrong? Assuming that Agile is the right solution to all problems makes you no better than those who say Agile is always a waste of time.

I’m not saying that Waterfall is always the right answer, not even that it often is – but some time it is, and trying to shoehorn Agile methodologies into a waterfall project is just as bad as pretending to do Agile and really working waterfall.

If you have a massive monolith of code – and multiple interdependencies between different development teams, maybe Waterfall is a better way to go – it will cut down on missed code because “we thought someone else was doing it” and it’ll also stop people constantly getting stuck on interdependancies.

All I’m saying is, just because you are working waterfall don’t assume that you are working wrong, it’s not always the case.

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